International Islamic Relief Constructs new tower in Mecca for orphans - Structure design , PT design and supply by esolution

The International Islamic Relief Organization,  هيئة الإغاثة الإسلامية العالمية‎, also known as the International Islamic Relief Organization of Saudi Arabia, IIRO and IIROSA), is a charity based in Saudi Arabia founded by the Muslim World League in 1978



The orgnization currently building a tower for orphan housing in Mecca , esolution construction & Engineering re-reviewed the design and supported the Main contractor throughout the project construction , supplied and isntalled post tension , which the posttension concrete floors reduced thicknesses helped the client to increase two floor in the building , esolution construction & Engineering reviewed the design of the vertical supports and foundations to make sure the safety to recieve the addtional two floors in the buildings

The challange in the project is the built transfer walls between 7th floor and roof , where the walls are hanging between vertical columns and recieves 14 meters spanned ribbed post tension slabs