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  • Total Area:100,000 SqM
  • Scope: Design | Pre cast concrete | BIM
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Esolution construction and Engineering Dubai, completed the design of four floor precast concrete building with all required analysis for vertical load, seismic and wind.

The four floor building is a bearing wall system with 120 mm internal bearing walls and 200 mm external insulated walls with 60mm insulation wythe between two external wythes of 70 mm, the walls has been connected using wireloops with the joints grouted at site to form the final required connections

Floors has been covered using precast pre-stressed hollow core slab thicknesses varies from 150mm to 265 mm, with the vibration of the floor has been checked for human comfort according to applied technology council ( ATC) guidelines and PCI guidelines

ASCE7-10 and ACI-318-14 documents have been used to design all the concrete elements in the project

Etabs model have been developed by esolution design team to check the building design, the structural analysis and design has been completed in one week


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