Advantages of precast concrete

Mohammed Zaid
Posted on : 20 Feb 2016

February.20.2016, By Mohammed Zaid, CEng.M.ASCE

 What is the advantages of precast concrete 

  • Speed of construction, owing to the ability to begin casting components for the superstructure while foundation work is in progress. Precast concrete components can also be cast and erected year-round, without delays caused by harsh weather.
  • Aesthetic flexibility, due to the variety of textures, colors, finishes and inset options that can be provided. Precast is extremely plastic and can mimic granite, limestone, brick, and other masonry products. This allows it to blend economically with nearby buildings finished with more expensive materials.
  • Design flexibility, resulting from the long-span capabilities to provide open interiors
  • Durability, which allows the material to show minimal wear over time and resist impacts of all types without indicating stress.
  • Energy efficiency, due to the material’s high thermal mass. This is enhanced by the use of insulated panels, which include an insulated core
  • Environmental friendliness, as seen in its contributions to achieving certification in the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) program from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • High quality, resulting from the quality control achieved by casting the products in the plant. Plants certified by PCI undergo stringent audits of their quality procedures, ensuring the quality of fabrication in these facilities.
  • ability to incorporate services such as electrical and plumbing in precast elements.
  • minimal waste, as most waste in the factory is recycled
  • simply designed for deconstruction, reuse or recycling.

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