esolution completes posttension work in Saudi Arabia-Makkah, Islamic Relief tower-10

Esolution construction & Engineering completes the design and construction work for the Islamic relief tower in Makkah, the tower that consists of Ground, 6 services floors, 17 Typical floors and roof, have been completed in one year.

The tower first typical slab and last service floor slab, received changes in vertical supporting members locations, where esolution been able to use the posttensioning in their work to modify the slabs deflection in order to reduce the total deflection for the supporting elements, construction stages been taken in consideration during the design stage.

Coordination with MEP completed during construction work to cope with any delays and finish the tower at the dead lines, where the tower been complete two months earlier than required by the building owner (Islamic relief organization in Makkah)

The Islamic relief 10 is the second tower that been built and completed with Islamic relief in Makkah, esolution supplied all the posttension material and applied them in very fast matter that made the casting easy before planned timing.