esolution Management to Upscale Egypt's Team skills to train them on the Building information modeling

esolution Management recognizes the importance of people training and development and to align the team in different branches to be on the same level with their peers.

Mr. Amr Al-Taher ( Saudi Arabia Branch Manager ) stated that, "Individuals need ongoing training and development to help them become more effective, and take on bigger and more significant challenges. Moreover, they need help in learning new skills as the nature of their work requires". 

To emphasize on this, Mr. Mohammed Ayad (Egypt Branch Manager) approved a training module to new junior Architects. 

Ayad spoke with individual Architects on why they would want to be trained on Building information modeling software, and gathered their feedback to identify the importance of this training for them and to understand how they foresee their future development in the company.

Ayad proceed "its not about what we do, its about how we do it through our employess who are passionate about their work

Rana Hassan, Junior Architect said,

"Building information modeling is a dream that came true for all engineers and architects, it helps them to come together all as one by linking between architectural and construction, it allows teams to understand what's going on in 3D with high level of customization and flexibility and it reduces the amount of conflict which leads us to faster design process and documentation without loss of cost and quality  In short ,BIM increases overall project quality ,and that's why i want to learn Building Information modeling "


Yasmine, Junior Architect added,

" i want to learn building information modeling to develop my own skills and support the company to do more with less, to exchange the information between all parties in an easy controlled way, that resolves the coordination issues between different disciplines and helps the project to be integrated"

Sandra Fawzy, Junior Architect added,

"BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modelling, or Building Information Model. It describes the process of designing a building collaboratively using one coherent system of computer models rather than as separate sets of drawings , At the technical core of BIM is the software that enables 3D modelling and information management.  Extensive use of the software eventually leads to a more complete understanding of the technical core"

Ala'a Aly, Junior Architect said,

“I was wanting to learn Building Information Modeling software to produce high quality projects documents in less time in an easier and faster process, integrating structural electrical, mechanical engineering and architectural to simulate the construction in which the engineer has the opportunity to better understand the building and the construction process, where working on one centralized model is the easiest way to coordinate the project without being lost between documents and revisions”

 esolution introduced Building information modeling in Saudi Arabia since 2013, and affectively in Octobor 2014.

The feedback on 3D modeling as awarness increased in the Saudi Arabia market helped interested parties to exert more effort to include BIM in all their projects 


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